TTC aims to help find students accommodation within easy access of the college. Over the years we have built up a comprehensive list of suitable host families. Once a student has accepted their place at TTC the list, along with all other information is sent to them.

Student Welfare


We pride ourselves on our exceptional pastoral care. Our family orientated atmosphere ensures a kind, caring approach and staff have an open door policy so that students feel able to discuss any problems they may be having. We are able to maintain a strong relationship with each individual student. As part of this, every student has a mentor group –one member of staff to 10 students.

Health and Fitness

Students are expected to work at their maximum capability at all times and by building a knowledge of the body, they are able to recognise injuries. TTC is lucky to have an onsite physiotherapist which enables students to be treated quickly and effectively.

TTC encourages positive attitudes towards weight control and healthy eating and all students are monitored closely, staff are trained in recognising and understanding eating disorders.

The college is committed to training healthy dancers and advises all students to register with a local doctor and obtain health insurance prior to commencement at TTC.