Tiffany Theatre College is able to offer extremely competitive fees.


All performing arts courses cost £9,750 plus VAT per annum.

DDE: Fees are dependent on the number of students studying. Please call/email for more details.





Scholarships and fee-assisted funding are awarded to promising students on the basis of talent demonstrated at the audition, rather than financial circumstances. TTC currently operate their own programme and funding is given at the Directors’ discretion. Students are notified if they have received funding in their letter of acceptance and may differ from student to student.


Fee-assisted funding will cover a percentage of the full course fees. Scholarships will cover the total cost of the full course fee. Funding from the TTC programme will not cover uniform, accommodation, travel, private lessons, extra lessons (outside college timetable), DDE, exam fees, parental contribution. Various payment options are available,  which TTC reception can assist with. 


Alternatively, It could also be possible to gain sponsorship from various sources such as charitable organisations, trusts and local businesses which are often willing to sponsor talented students. These options should be explored thoroughly at the library or online. Once the student has been accepted, details of payment methods are discussed thoroughly.