The commercial industry is booming. Due to our incredible success rate of past students commercially, we have formulated a specific course focusing on the exact requirements of a professional, commercial dancer. We are the only college in the UK that offers a commercial dance programme alongside professional performance training focusing still on all disciplines. This isn't your average training, this is a mentoring programme; all included in your yearly fees.


Our commercial faculty have an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience to share and can be seen alongside the biggest stars and in TV shows of today, as well as producing and choreographing for leading brands, commercials, and television shows. Alongside additional timetable enhancements, we have guest industry professionals that will visit regularly to enhance the networking process and opportunity of working with potential employers. Each student will also secure a place in our private showcase, (pre-graduation show) where we guarantee selected UK agencies attendance. In 2018, 80% of Commercial course students were signed to a leading agency before graduation. (AMCK, Simon & How, Skin London, Mark Summers).


We are committed to ensuring that each student will graduate agency and industry ready, including everything from portfolio photos, showreels, makeup tuition, styling, body confidence and in-depth knowledge of complex commercial industry disciplines; concentrating in commercial camera technique, pick-up speed, freestyle, basic acrobatics, and tricks.


Our goal is not quantity but quality. We have an obligatory audition process to ensure acceptance suitability as we do not wish to compromise the delivery and progression of other students and/or the course as a whole. We pride ourselves on high-quality teachers, with small numbered classes to ensure individual attention; It is vital to us that no student is overlooked. The training will, of course, be commercially intense, but we also acknowledge the importance of a grounded training of all disciplines. The timetable will, therefore, be arranged specifically to cover all the essential requirements as we will not allow our students to be restricted post-graduation.