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This course is designed for students who have previously taken higher education/full-time performance courses (or our 2-year Performance Diploma) and require a final ‘top-up’ course to launch them into a professional performance career. Whilst maintaining core technical classes including ballet, jazz and contemporary, emphasis will focus heavily on preparation for the professional environment.



Diverse performance opportunities


Greater performance opportunities will be experienced, ranging from solo performance platforms and an intimate agency showcase in the students’ chosen genre (see Musical and Commercial pages) as well as repertory workshops with company professionals. There will also be opportunities to develop through contextual based projects in Theatre In Education (TIE) and TTC outreach programmes.


Industry input


Independent innovative projects are put in place with students in genres as diverse as sight specific choreography and musical theatre productions. Each project is guided and mentored by an industry professional.


Unique skills


Master classes in subjects such as set design, creative and technical theatre give a brief insight into the other side of professional theatre whilst additional workshops and after-hour short courses in other skills which could include fencing, costume design and circus skills, provide students with expertise in specialist areas. TTC is fortunate to be a small college with flexible timetables which can reflect students’ interests and current developments in the industry.


Professional status


Relevant information is given in professional skills including finance, CVs and audition preparation. Students are coached and supported through a wide range of audition workshops, held regularly throughout the course.


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Hannah Cleeve

Prior to attending TTC, I trained to a high level in technical styles. TTC fully enhanced my technical training; I improved in that department more in one year than I had in all my years of training. Due to the small count of students, it meant that I received more one on one personal training from our teachers. I formed relationships with them which allowed me to flourish. The biggest thing I learnt and what played a huge part of my growth was my introduction to commercial/hip hop. The training of this style was so new to me, yet after a year I felt I had been doing it my entire life. The style didn’t always come naturally to me due to my technical past, but my teachers at TTC provided not only exceptional training; above all they gave me confidence. You can’t embark on a career without that. I’m now a working professional currently in Magic Mike Live in London and prior to this was working dancing for artists including Camila Cabello and Demi Lovato. I can confirm that my one year at TTC played a huge part in my achievements so far.


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Raphael Milan

My year at TTC was definitely a game changer for my career and artistry. Coming from a self-taught background, I never had the chance to actually study the performing arts. After finishing a professional contract for Celebrity Cruises, I decided to take my ability to a new level. It is one of the wisest decisions I have made in my life so far. I found myself so inspired and learning from so many amazing mentors and tutors; before I knew it, I was a brand new performer. The fact that the college works at a personal level was definitely a huge advantage for me, even today I find myself utilising that granted knowledge daily. As a commercial dancer, voguer and commercial actor/model I can only but recommend that amazing space for its faculty and intense training in a safe environment that allows performers artistic development and technique to flourish.

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